Our Advantage

RMP & Associates is your guarantee of your venue's success.

RMP provide an independent review of contracts, tenders, leases and licenses.  RMP can advice on staff selection, contract negotiations, development of KPI’s and appraisal of performance. Most reviewers have a vested interest in a particular aspect of the leisure spectrum but RMP takes an objective overall view and offers independent advice, drawing on 20 years’ experience and a proven track record of successful projects.  RMP has no affiliations and offers the client integrity in all its advice on products, staff and companies who tender for projects.

Facilities can acquire additional value by:

  • Reviewing architect’s brief
  • Integral role in design phase, providing the ‘operators’ perspective
  • Reduce cost in construction
  • Increase use and revenue when operational
  • Reducing maintenance energy and staff costs.

Most large sites are purpose built, eg:

  • Olympic Games
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Expo
  • International Special Fixtures

At the design stage, RMP can provide cost effective flexibility for:

  • Higher returns
  • Greater use
  • Community satisfaction
  • Ease of operation

RMP & Associates invariably identify problems and provide solutions that save the client thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars. Funding is a key area where RMP can assist clients. We can advise clients on strategies to attract investors, including outsourcing installations to commercial providers, as well as providing detailed information for grant applications.

RMP & Associates can ensure that revenue and efficient management systems have been reviewed prior to construction of new facilities.

RMP will assemble a team of carefully chosen consultants to ensure all aspects of a project are reviewed by the most appropriately qualified personnel. Recently we have worked with:

  • Peddle Thorp & Walker – Architects (Sydney)
  • Blight Voller Nield – Architects (Sydney)
  • LPT – Architects (Hong Kong)
  • Donovan Payne – Architects (Perth)
  • Nines Fong & Partners – Structural Engineers (Sydney)
  • Manboom Developers (Sydney)
  • Quota Leisure (United Kingdom)
  • Scott Carver – Architects

Designing venues that are attractive to the range of customers the venue is targeting is a key outcome of the design process.

In the new millennium:

  • Users are demanding more
  • Sponsors and advertisers require higher levels of service
  • Competition must be met
  • Venues must be attractive to a range of customers
  • Technology needs to be part of the design

RMP & Associates understands target markets and customer needs, including:

  • pool and fitness centre users
  • competitors
  • spectators – adult and child
  • hirers
  • teams
  • social groups
  • corporate members
  • club members
  • visitors
  • tourists
  • corporate clients
  • those with disabilities
  • contractors & service providers
  • the media

Flexibility in design allows a venue to optimise use and revenue by altering:

  • shape
  • seating capacity
  • configuration

Joint use of core facilities and design solutions allows various configurations, which result in successful, low cost outcomes that meet the needs of key stakeholders.

The development of flexibility in design must be driven by:

  • The need to attract regular use of venue
  • The need to provide day-to-day use
  • The need to meet multifunctional criteria including sporting, social, education, business, cultural events

RMP & Associates can provide a logical, practical approach to the planning and design of events and facilities that will result in higher than anticipated operating revenues, lower staff and maintenance costs and a design that meets both short term and long term objectives.

RMP & Associates provide independent advice and work as part of a team to ensure the optimal design is within the project program, budget and time frame.