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  • Great Lakes Aquatic and Sports Centre
    Great Lakes Aquatic and Sports Centre Renovation

    Renovation progress of the Fitness Centre and the main single court stadium, which needed to be expanded to cope with demand and assist with achieving an operational surplus.

  • Great Lakes Aquatic and Sports Centre Renovation 2
    Great Lakes Aquatic and Sports Centre Renovation
  • Manly Pool – Brisbane
    Manly Pool - Brisbane

    RMP upgraded this old, 33 yard pool to a modern, 25m pool with a modern leisure play pool.

  • New Sports Hall at Milson Island
    New Sports Hall at Milson Island - NSW

  • Advisory

RMP provides advice on the development of tenders, review of tenders and contracts, and advice on leases and in-house as well as ‘out-sourced’ management options for Local Authorities, Clubs and not-for-profit organizations.  RMP also provides guidance on all aspects of feasibility, market testing, private and public finance and operations as well as management options and reviews.
Sandgate Town Tall, Brisbane Case Study →
Fremantle Aquatic Centre Case Study →

  • Diagnostic

Monitoring and analysis of existing contracts. Market research to establish needs and support for existing and future projects.
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Leisure Centre Case Study →

  • Management

Objectives, target setting, marketing. Performance measures. Staffing. Budgeting. Programming. Increasing revenue. Reducing costs. Sorting out problems.
Access Point Design Case Study →
Aquafit for Catholic Club Case Study →
Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre Case Study →

  • Planning

Feasibility and needs studies. Strategic Plans and Management Plans prepared. Working as a team member with other professional disciplines in the planning process.
Colmslie Aquatic Centre Case Study →
Woodvale Sports High School Hall Case Study →

  • Support Services

Workshops, visual presentations. Provision of papers and resource material for discussion and background. A two-day audit and input service for clients with existing old or under-performing facilities.

This is a brief summary of the many services, advice and help that can be offered or made available. Expert attention is extended to any client or organisation needing a professional approach to strategic planning, management and the development of contracts, business plans and project management services.

Health Club, Indoor Sports, Outdoor Courts and Pool Design

A service for:

  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools
  • Licensed Clubs
  • Retirement Villages
  • Government including Defense and Correctional Services
  • Home owners

To establish the best solution for those who are about to build a leisure facility such as a pool or gym at home, in an apartment or office block, a club or as part of a development. RMP & Associates will develop a brief and assist in choosing a builder and equipment.

Commercial recreation development including shopping centres, marinas, hotels, conference and tourist facilities.

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